Recommended Song: LE Yikes SURF CLUB – Ghost Ride The Whip


South Philadelphia. Born and Raised. LE Yikes SURF CLUB.

LE Yikes SURF CLUB, as their name would suggest, have tinges of surf infused in what they play. That said, there’s a propinquity of danger in their music that feels like surfing after midnight, sitting on a sullen board bobbing in the swell, legs dangling in infinitely black water, hair standing on neck warning of unseen danger swimming underneath. But fuck it, the waves are too good not to surf, and the vulnerability makes the threat more real, and the same can be said for LE Yikes SURF CLUB’s music, which is substantial and most certainly real. This is not sunshine surf.

LE Yikes SURF CLUB are currently on an East Coast tour with Tijuana Panthers – and if you’re in the Worcester area (Firehouse) tonight you’d be remiss not to attend. You can also purchase a killer CD/Cassette package via their BandCamp Page – released by the equally comparable Grizzly Records.

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