Recommended Song: Surf’s Up Spicoli – Aloha Mr. Hand

Surf's Up Spicoli

When on stage there’s no doubt – Surf’s Up Spicoli are the Big Kahuna.

I saw Surf’s Up Spicoli at TT’s last week and they absolutely ripped on stage, blazing through their set with ferocious electricity. Andy Baker (guitar) and Mike Blasi (bass) volleyed riff-after-riff with each other in what became a tsunami of awesome, and as the surge of sound washed over me I couldn’t help but be happy. These guys were not only talented as all hell, but were also having a lot of fun, something often forgotten in the Boston music scene.

Named after Sean Penn’s timeless character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Surf’s Up Spicoli mix together traditional Surf with Psycho/Rockabilly – and the result leaves you either wanting to hit the beach or enter a drag race, both fine options.

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