Recommended Song: The Men – Different Days

The Men - Different Days

Bands like The Men give hope during a frozen winter. (Photo – Sacred Bones)

Finding a band that strictly carries the torch of Rock in these future days of 2014 is like stumbling upon the rarest of truffles in some snow capped forest. Over the years The Men have been labeled as punk, psychedelic, garage, and noise – but all those genres really add up to is Rock, and rock they do. They’re a band that barely has its own website, and have all but shunned any form of social media – which may be as punk as it gets in these modern times.

When I hear The Men have a new record on the horizon my teenage self becomes stupid with anticipation. “Different Days” is off their forthcoming LP Tomorrow’s Hits and it’s done the opposite of quell my excitement – I may have even sprouted a few pimples in its honor.

The track begins with some drunken yelps and a nakedly insistent bass which propels the song into motion as driving guitar and organ accompaniment take you to a place of good. For those of us consistently searching, in a forest or otherwise, it’s nice to know that between massive quantities of vastness hope lies about, waiting to be plucked up.

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