Support This: If the Devil is Six – A Volar Records Sexennial Compilation

Volar Records

Volar Records

Part of my mission statement with Visions of the Unexcused is to expose bands & labels that are under the daily radar – and over the past six years Volar Records have been exemplary in regards to small, independent, and utterly fantastic record labels that repeatedly put out music that places a smile in my ear.

Run by Craig Oliver out of San Diego – Volar has released favorite LP’s and 7″ records that have become mainstays on my platter, in DJ sets,  on my Radio Show, and on this very site. Craig’s taste and ear have a batting average that’d make Tony Gwynn blush, and I hope he’s putting out records for many more years.

Below is a 45 track sampler (yes….forty five!!!) that will be available for another week via BandCamp at a price you decide. As lover’s of music it’s equally important for us to not only support the bands, but the labels that are brave enough to put their time and money on the line to expose freaks like me to music that’s as important as air. And if you know what’s good for you you won’t just stop at the sampler, jump on over to the Volar Store and purchase some beautifully pressed (and priced) wax.

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