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Live Mint Pillow Vinyl Set: Afro Funk Psych Garage JAMZ

Mint Pillow - Live from State Park 8.25.16

Mint Pillow – Live from State Park 8.25.16

The above is Mint Pillow’s live vinyl set from State Park Bar on 8.23.16 and features FOUR HOURS of hot jams from around the planet Earth. Focusing on afrobeat, psychedelic, funk, garage, & reggae – Pillow traipses across the planet, playing tracks from Ghana, South Africa, Singapore, UK, Nigeria, Jamaica, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, France, the US and all points in between.


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Episode 72 – Psychedelic Flowers

Episode 72 - Psychedelic Flowers

Episode 72 – Psychedelic Flowers

Snow has turned into rain. Winter’s morphing into Spring. April Showers will turn into Psychedelic Flowers. This is Episode 72, recorded live in the DJ Cave from atop Mount Cambridge in the WEMF Radio Studios.

1. Them – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – 1970)
2. The Pandamonium – No Presents For Me (No Presents For Me… Singles & Rarities – 1965)
3. The Pets – El Entierro De Un Hombre Rico Que Murió De Hambre (The Pets – 1968)
4. The Shallow End Divers – Forget Your Problems (Dead Man’s Ladder/Forget Your Problems – 2015)
5. Ty Segall & White Fence – Tongues (Hair – 2012)
6. Tom Waits – Clap Hands (Rain Dogs – 1985)
7. Rory Gallagher – Don’t Know Where I’m Going (Deuce – 1972)
8. Supergrass – Seen The Light (Life On Other Planets – 2002)
9. Spirit – Gramophone Man (Spirit – 1968)
10. Man Called War – Titans (Naked Animals – 2015)
11. Grimes – Rosa (Geidi Primes – 2010)
12. Los Destellos – Pasión Oriental (Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 [Experimental Guitar-Driven Tropical Sounds From Perú 1966/1976] – 2010)
13. Paul McCartney – Check My Machine (Mccartney II – 1980)
14. Toro Y Moi – Empty Nesters (What For? – 2015)
15. Yuck – The Wall (Yuck – 2011)
16. Orange Juice – Felicity (Felicity – 1982)
17. Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl (Gotta Let This Hen Out! – 1985)
18. The Velvet Underground – What Goes On (The Velvet Underground – 1969)
19. Louie & The Lovers – Little Georgie Baker (Rise – 1970)
20. The Vikings – Have Mercy (Bay State Rock Volume 1: The Sixties – An Anthology Of Massachussetts Rock’N’Roll – 1965)
21. Circus Maximus – Wind (Circus Maximus – 1967)
22. The Freak Scene – Rose Of Smiling Faces (The Freak Scene – 1967)
23. Steeper – Glitch Root (Glitch Root – 2015)
24. Steve Gunn – Wildwood (Wildwood 7″ – 2014)
25. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – Hire Purchase [Part I] (Singles Going Home Alone 2013 #3 7″ – 2013)
26. Bob Dylan – Shelter From The Storm (Blood On The Tracks – 1975)


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Lost While Found: Visions of the Unexcused at State Park Bar

Mint Pillow enjoying the night with friends. (Photo - K.Chandler)

Derek (aka, Mint Pillow) enjoying the night with friends. (Photo – K.Chandler)

Last Wednesday I had the fortune to spin vinyl at State Park Bar in Cambridge. State Park is the Sister restaurant to the highly revered and loved Hungry Mother – and is quickly becoming one of many reasons you should spend more time in Kendall Square.

The faithful sit during the congregation. (Photo - K. Chandler)

The faithful sit during the Mint Pillow’s congregation. (Photo – K. Chandler)

Located on the same block as West Bridge, Friendly Toast, & Cambridge Brewing Company – State Park offers a sophisticated & laid back vibe that’s disguised as a dive bar. This said, the food, cocktails, and staff exhume the opposite of dive – and pump out A+ Southern inspired dishes, drinks, & charm that leave mouths happy and hearts content.

State Park offers and affordable menu that's both creative and fun. (Photo - K. Chandler / J. Nguyen)

An affordable menu that’s creative & fun. (Photo – K. Chandler / J. Nguyen)

The scene offered the perfect compliment to the music featured on Visions of the Unexcused, making for a fit that was seamless, ideal, & preferred. I spun a set that included favorites from Garage, Indie, African, Funk, and Hip Hop – many that can be heard on previous podcasts – and as the tunes echoed throughout the bar – smiling ears and eyes couldn’t deny the symmetry between music and location.

Garage, Indie, Post, and Funk 45's & LP's provided the night's soundtrack. (Photo - K. Chandler)

Garage, Indie, Post, & Funk 45’s & LP’s provided the soundtrack. (Photo – J. Nguyen)

As a cherry on top we had a New England staple, which also doubles as a favorite, Narragansett Beer, be a generous sponsor, providing the Unexcused Faithful (that’s you!) with some drinks sans charge in support of our Visions. This is hopefully the first of many nights we get lost together- and I hope we find each other with the music next time around.

Once your delicious meal's complete activities such as shuffle board demand your attention. (Photo - K. Chandler)

After food, activities like shuffle board demand attention. (Photo – K. Chandler)

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Recommended Album: Mozes and the Firstborn

Mozes and the Firstborn

Mozes and the Firstborn take a dip somewhere in Germany.

Mozes and the Firstborn play a brand of Garage that’s equal parts California, Pop, and Stoner. While their sound carries a West Coast vibe the band hails from the Netherlands – and their excellent self titled debut was recently released in the States by Burger Records.

“I Got Skills” is the stand-out single with an undeniable sing-song hook that just seems destined to play in a future Volkswagen ad or something – however, it’s tracks like “What’s Wrong Momma” and “Skinny Girl” that give Mozes real depth and hopefully show these Dutch cats may stick around for a bit. Mozes will be playing at the Brighton Music Hall with other label mates from Burger (Cherry Glazer, Pangea, & more) on 10/29.

Recommended If You Like: Jeff the Brotherhood, Wavves, Harlem

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Recommended Song: LE Yikes SURF CLUB – Ghost Ride The Whip


South Philadelphia. Born and Raised. LE Yikes SURF CLUB.

LE Yikes SURF CLUB, as their name would suggest, have tinges of surf infused in what they play. That said, there’s a propinquity of danger in their music that feels like surfing after midnight, sitting on a sullen board bobbing in the swell, legs dangling in infinitely black water, hair standing on neck warning of unseen danger swimming underneath. But fuck it, the waves are too good not to surf, and the vulnerability makes the threat more real, and the same can be said for LE Yikes SURF CLUB’s music, which is substantial and most certainly real. This is not sunshine surf.

LE Yikes SURF CLUB are currently on an East Coast tour with Tijuana Panthers – and if you’re in the Worcester area (Firehouse) tonight you’d be remiss not to attend. You can also purchase a killer CD/Cassette package via their BandCamp Page – released by the equally comparable Grizzly Records.

Recommended If You Like: Cosmonauts, Tijuana Panthers, Danger Surf, High Tide

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Baby I’m (Not) Bored – Review of Surf’s Up Spicoli, Tijuana Panthers, & LE Yikes SURF CLUB at TT the Bears

Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers on stage at TT the Bears last night. (GIF – D.Hixon)

Surf’s Up Spicoli, Tijuana Panthers, & LE Yikes SURF CLUB
TT the Bears, Central Square, 07/30/13

If you’re reading this chances are you missed out. Tijuana Panthers were part of a great bill last night at TT’s along with LE Yikes SURF CLUB (more on them tomorrow) and Surf’s Up Spicoli. The crowd was thin at the beginning and damn near barren at the end – but the lack of a people didn’t deter any on the performances as each band brought it.

Surf's-Up-Spicoli (Photo - D.Hixon)

Surf’s-Up-Spicoli (Photo – D.Hixon)

Surf’s Up Spicoli came out of the gate sprinting as guitarist Andy Baker and bassist Mike Blasi played off of each other with deft and aggressive surf licks that left me swaying with a smile, while drummer Liz Walshak provided a steady backbeat. You’ll certainly hear more here on this talented Boston based trio. Great band.

Long Beach based Tijuana Panthers were on next – they’re currently touring the East Coast with LE Yikes SURF CLUB in support of their excellent new album Semi Sweet. It must have been quite the contrast to be at an uninspired TT’s after just playing to a raucous crowd with No Age back in Santa Monica – but the Panthers showed nothing but enthusiasm as they ripped through a set that bounced with perfect pop. You can hear some of their new album below, which is highly recommended.

Last up was Philly’s LE Yikes SURF CLUB who unfortunately had to deal with some van issues in NYC (something to do with a series of tubes) – therefore they got off to a later start then they would have preferred. Sans sound check the gents threw caution to the wind and played probably the most ferocious set of the night, and any aggression aimed at car troubles was taken out in their music – and those who stuck around were treated to a strong and boisterous performance. Their APOCOLYPSOS 12″ is due to come out this Fall via Grizzly Records – and will certainly be a must buy.

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