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New Music: Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover go after it on their debut record.

Charlestown’s Duck & Cover are molded from an impressive collection of current and ex-Boston punk bands, including Acro-brats, Coffin Lids, Black Cheers, & Bang Camaro among others. Their debut self-titled record is a grinding attack that cruises between melodic metal shifts and strait forward power punk. “Dead Giveaway” and “Gather Your Strength” encapsulate Duck & Cover at their best, flexing seasoned strengths that respect each others bounds while driving forward together in a cohesive manner. If you’re a record nerd such as I, it’s an absolutely beautiful record, with Coke bottle green wax and some killer art work from Tim O’Hanlon.

Recommended If You Like: Face to Face, Descendents, La Peste, Punk Rock

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New Music: Total Navajo – Eyelids EP

Total Navajo

Total Navajo impress on their debut EP.

Total Navajo are a two piece from Los Angeles who flex quite a bit of diversity on their debut EP, Eylids. For two musicians they’re able to paint a complicated picture rather quickly, and this is most evident on their title track, which begins with a walking banjo that ascends with the help of drummer and guitarist Mitchell Rowland’s vocals, which leave just a hint of Elliot Smith’s fingerprints. However, songs such as “Voice of Eyes” and “Hand Jive” show their roots lie within traditional rock parameters, and it’s this diversity that’s made their debut EP such a grower with me.

If in the LA area you can catch Total Navajo at Lexington Bar (downtown) on December 3rd.

Recommended If You Like: Detroit Rebellion, Early Foo, Late 90’s Alt

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New Music: Shintaro Sakamoto – Let’s Dance Raw

Shintaro Sakamoto

Shintaro Sakamoto

Shintaro Sakamoto, best known for his time fronting the Japanese psychedelic band Yura Yura Teikoku, has ventured out on his own for what’s become an equally exciting journey. Let’s Dance Raw, which is set to be released via Other Music Recording Co. (distributed by Fat Possum) on September 19th takes a further step into the lush soundscapes Sakamoto’s been exploring since going solo. He combines 70’s AM radio mixed with Japanese Pop and Tropicalia rhythms making for a verdant musical landscape.

Recommended If You Like: Ariel Pink, Donnie & Joe Emerson, John Maus

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New Music: OVENS (Tony Molina) 7″ via Melters

If Tony Molina's playing guitar, I'm listening.

If Tony Molina’s playing guitar, I’m listening.

The first time I heard Tony Molina play guitar it was something of a revelation. His song’s are written, played, and structured like a curt and finely crafted Hemingway sentence. There’s all power, zero bullshit, and certainly no filler. He leaves you wanting more while also being thoroughly satisfied with what you’ve had. This type of editing will power and control is a rare feat to pull off, and his ability to fit so much into so little is a testament to both his Hardcore roots as well as his pop orientated ear.

Molina’s 2013 LP Dissed And Dismissed clocks in at just under 15 minutes and it’s one of my favorite albums of the past few years. OVENS was recorded by Kurt Bloch from The Fastbacks back in 2005 and is the second recording they ever did as a band, and like his other work – it totally slays.

Recommended If You Like: Metal face Weezer, Short Attention Span Thin Lizzy

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New Music: Susan Debut first 7″ on Volar

LA power-pop trio Susan bring it on their debut 7"

LA power-pop trio Susan bring it on their debut 7″

The LA based trio Susan will be debuting their first 7″ via Volar Records this coming September, and you can hear the first of three tracks – “Just Call It” – below. Susan recently completed a West Coast tour and will be back at it this Fall to support the Volar 7″ as well as a cassette to be put out via Burger Records. Susan’s gorgeous three part harmonies drive their songs with bright sun soaked tones masking some cloudy commentary. This dichotomy of conflict make for some memorable tunes, and this 7″ is hopefully the first of many memories.

Recommended If You Like: Cherry Glazer, Speedy Ortiz, Fat Creeps

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New Music – GRMLN – Scum

GRMLN earlier in the year at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. (Photo - E.Cheng)

GRMLN earlier in the year at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. (Photo – E.Cheng)

Yesterday GRMLN released “Scum”, a fuzzed-out hangover of a jam that harkens late night bon fires and sloppy surfing. The demo’s engulfed in a familiar stoner haze, and while the song’s raw, the structure solidifies my opinion that Yoodoo Park really knows how to construct a song. Hearing a GRMLN track this raw and blown-out is exciting – as I’m accustomed to a certain Cali polish to his songs, and I’m hoping this track in particular doesn’t get cleaned up, after all, the song’s entitled “Scum”.

Recommended If You Like: King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys, Wavves, Tijuana Panthers

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New Music: Veronica Falls – Broken Toy

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls

Slumberland Records has a high batting average as of late, with seemingly every release being a scorching liner up the middle. Veronica Fall’s latest single, “Broken Toy”, keeps the hitting streak alive with catchy as all hell jangle pop. “Broken Toy” is a sunny sad song that laments the beginning of the end with gorgeous harmonies and a perfected bounce.

The 7″ for “Broken Toy” will be out October 14th via Bella Union and October 22nd via Slumberland.

If You Don’t Care, You’ll Never Care
If You Don’t Care Now, You’ll Never Know How

Recommended If You Like: Fat Creeps, Velocity Girl, Sad Jangle, Ski Lodge

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New Music: kandodo – july 28th (edit)


If you’re willing, kandodo can take you on quite the journey.

Jump on a kayak and leisurely paddle towards a sunset. Get in a hammock and sway with the breeze. Put on kandodo and get lost in a dream. kandodo is Simon Price, most known for his work with UK psychedelic rock band The Heads; And as kandodo Price takes psych to a droney zen state that’s a spiritual trip past rolling cabanas and boarded up shacks.

k20, kandodo’s latest album, is available via Thrill Jockey Records.

Recommended If You Like: Hiiragi Fukuda, Blues Control, Psychedelic Zen

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