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Episode 74 – Guest House

Episode 74 - Guest House

Episode 74 – Guest House

Kielty & Pillow about to hit the sine waves.

Kielty & Pillow about to hit the sine waves.

You never know what you’ll get with an episode of Visions of the Unexcused – and for Episode 74 Mint Pillow was lucky to be joined by Tom Kielty in the WEMF Radio Studio. Kielty’s a veteran of the Boston rock scene and has written for the Globe, Herald, Boston Magazine, among numerous other local and national publications. Armed with this Rock & Roll Sage – Mint Pillow delved through a psychedelic set filled with stories from the scene and other tomfoolery.

1. The Pogues – Once Upon A Time (Waiting For Herb – 1993)
2. The Rolling Stones – She Smiled Sweetly (Between The Buttons – 1967)
3. Soft Pyramids – Arrows (Fossils of the Free World – 2014)
4. Rory Gallagher – Out Of My Mind (Deuce – 1972)
5. Les Mogol – Sunset In Golden Horn (Danses Et Rythmes De La Turquie D’Hier À Aujourd’hui – 1972)
6. The Outsiders – C.Q. (CQ – 1968)
7. The Kinetic – Suddenly Tomorrow (Live Your Life – 1967)
8. The Pets – Si Tú Quisieras (The Pets – 1968)
9. The Flamin’ Groovies – Golden Clouds (Sneakers – 1968)
10. Shadrack Chameleon – Don’t Let It Get You Down (Shadrack Chameleon – 1973)
11. The Everly Brothers – The Price Of Love (The Price Of Love – 1965)
12. Fleet Foxes – Peace On The Rise (Terminal Sales Vol. 4: Please To Enjoy – 2011)
13. The Beta Band – Inner Meet Me (The Three E.P.’s – 1997)
14. Peaking Lights – Infinite Trips (Cosmic Logic – 2014)
15. GRMLN – Relax Yourself [Dolphin Cry] (Explore – 2012)
16. Beach Fossils – Calyer (What a Pleasure – 2011)
17. William De Vaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (Be Thankful For What You Got – 1974)
18. Royksopp – So Easy (Melody A.M. – 2001)
19. James Brown – Blind Man Can See It (Black Caesar – 1973)
20. The Men – Sleepless (Tomorrow’s Hits – 2014)
21. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Independence Street (Wig Out at Jagbags – 2014)
22. The Lemonheads – Rick James Style (Come On Feel The Lemonheads – 1993)
23. Cornelius – Wataridori (Sensuous – 2006)
24. Neon Indian – Suns Irrupt (Era Extraña – 2011)
25. Teenage Fanclub – Gene Clark (Thirteen – 1993)
26. Gene Clark – No Other (No Other – 1974)
27. Ty Segall & White Fence – The Black Glove/Rag (Hair – 2012)

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Episode 63 – Top 21 Albums of 2014

Episode 59 – Top 21 Albums of 2013 (Artwork - D.Hixon)

Episode 59 – Top 21 Albums of 2013 (Collage – D.Hixon)

These are my 21 favorite albums of 2014. When I look back on a year that saw me truly start a Family of my own these song’s will echo in the hallways of my memory. Consider it a groovy growth notch written in No. 2 pencil on the back of a progression door. Happy New Year to you and yours – may the music continue to find you.

21Madlib – The Beats (Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton Soundtrack)
“Cue 3 /  Cue 4”
Buy via Stones Throw Records

20The Juan Maclean – In A Dream
“Running Back To You”
Buy via DFA Records

19Tiger High – Inside the Acid Coven
Buy via Volar Records

18The Real Kids – Shake … Outta Control
“Got It Made”
Buy via Ace of Hearts Records

17Cool Ghouls – A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye
“What A Dream I Had”
Buy via Empty Cellar Records


Mean Creek – Local Losers
“Hangover Mind”
Buy via Old Flame Records

15 Ariel Pink – Pom Pom
“One Summer Night”
Buy via 4AD

14 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Wig Out at Jagbags
Buy via Matador Records

13Guided By Voices – Cool Planet
“Bad Love Is Easy To Do”
Buy via Rockathon Records

12Kurt von Stetten – Animals
“Saved, Because Of This Tree”
Buy via Static Motor Recordings

11Flying Lotus – You’re Dead
“Moment of Hesitation”
Buy via Warp Records

10Cookies – Music For Touching
“Music For Touching”
Buy via Bandcamp


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata
“Robes (feat. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt)”
Buy via Stones Throw Records


Shintaro Sakamoto – Let’s Dance Raw
“Let’s Dance Raw”
Buy via Other Music Recording Co.


Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess
“Sweaty Faces”
Buy via Burger Records


Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
“Passing Out Pieces”
Buy via Captured Tracks


Terror Of The Deep – Death Of The Gideon
“Model Train Village”
Buy via Selection Records


Real Estate – Atlas
“How Might I Live”
Buy via Domino USA


The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits
“Pearly Gates”
Buy via Sacred Bones Records


Mozes And The Firstborn – Mozes And The Firstborn
“Skinny Girl”
Buy via Burger Records


Ty Segall – Manipulator
“Mister Main”
Buy via Drag City


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Even When They Stand, They Sit – A Sort Of Review of Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks at Paradise Rock Club

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks are not to blame.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks are not to blame for the shoegazers we’ve become.

It’s finally happened, much sooner than I expected – like a sniper in the shadows pulling a shot that ends in red mist, my youth has been blown away. Without want, desire, or effort I’ve become old – the inevitable fate of the survivor…I guess.

At the young age of 34 I’ve reached a disgruntled state that has me waving a white flag on the future status of what I call Rock. I’ve gone to too many shows where I expect to be swept up in the excitement of Rock and Roll – allowed to forgot my everyday worries, and be entranced by bright lights, good music, and a raucous crowd.

Shit. Maybe I’d even pogo around like an idiot, sweat too much while feeling alive, free, and without self consciousness. But for whatever the reason when I attend a show as of late it’s an affair riddled with crossed arms, furrowed brows, and a bunch of young assholes who haven’t lived enough to make a mistake that allows them to make a real decision.

Crap. I really have crossed a border.

I know. I’m old, disgruntled, and you should get off my lawn. These are likely middle aged growing pains that I feel while not going to the real shows of today – but I doubt that’s all they are – going to a show like Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks shouldn’t feel docile, safe, and sterile. You should sweat, move from the spot you stand, and get lost in a sway you don’t completely control.

But what the fuck do I know. I’m 34 years old.


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First Impressions: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks ‎– Wig Out At Jagbags

First Impressions: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks ‎– Wig Out At Jagbags

First Impressions: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks ‎– Wig Out At Jagbags

Stephen Malkmus is a perpetual favorite who resides on my Mount Rushmore of guitarists along with Ira Kaplan, Thurston Moore, & Kurt Vile. Any record he’s on I’m excited about, and his latest with The Jicks, Wig Out at Jagbags, is no exception.

This is the sixth album Malkmus has cut with The Jicks, which means he’s released more albums with them than Pavement, and that blows my mind. Terror Twilight (the last Pavement album) was released 15 long years ago, which raises waaaaaaay too many questions about my own mortality without having a drink near by, so I’m moving on.

I’ve listened to Wig Out at Jagbags three times so far, and the record as a whole is mixed super flat. Each time I’ve dropped the needle on “Planetary Motion” (Track A1) I’ve instinctively reacted by turning my receiver up as all parts are muddled and just lounging in the middle. You get used to the mix as the record wears on, but it’s really lacking the oompth you’d want from a Malkmus album, and comes off as neutered. The songs aren’t bad by any means, with “Lariat” being the initial standout, but nothing really grabs me by the balls and demands my attention like “Hopscotch Willie” did on Real Emotional Trash. Like most of Saint Stephen’s records this is very likely a grower, but on the first few listens it’s not showing me too much, which is why I’m especially excited to hear the album live in February.

Recommended If You Like: 90’s Alternative, Madlibs, Dr. Seuss Rock

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Top 21 Albums of 2011: Episode 42 – Year of Illumination

Top 21 Albums of 2011: Episode 42 – Year of Illumination

Top 21 Albums of 2011: Episode 42 – Year of Illumination (Artwork – D. Hixon)

21. White Denim – “At the Farm” – D
20. Real Estate – “It’s Real” – Days
19. Porcelain Raft – “Tip of Your Tongue”  – Gone Blind – EP
18. Wise Blood – “Fantasize (Intro)” – These Wings
17. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – “No One Is (As I Are Be)” – Mirror Traffic (LA Guns)
16. Neon Indian – “Suns Irrupt” – Era Extraña
15. Caveman – “Old Friend” – CoCo Beware
14. Radiohead – “Morning Mr Magpie” – The King Of Limbs
13. Wilco – “I Might” – The Whole Love
12. Atlas Sound – “Mona Lisa” – Parallax
11. Washed Out – “Echoes” – Within and Without
10. Bibio – “Light Seep” – Mind Bokeh
9. Yuck – “The Wall” – Yuck
8. The Cave Singers – “Falls” – No Witch
7. Beach Fossils – “What a Pleasure” – What a Pleasure – EP
6. Hard Mix – “Memories” – Defaults
5. Cut Copy – “Need You Now” – Zonoscope
4. Toro y Moi – “Good Hold” – Underneath the Pine
3. The War On Drugs – “Best Night” – Slave Ambient
2. WU LYF – “Summas Bliss” – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain
1. Kurt Vile – “Puppet To The Man”  – Smoke Ring For My Halo

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Episode 21 the Best of 2008

Episode 21 - The Best of 2008

Episode 21 – The Best of 2008 (Artwork – D. Hixon)

21. Kings of Leon – Cold Desert (Only By the Night – 2008)
20. M83 – Kim and Jesse (M83 – 2008)
19.  Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (In Ghost Colours – 2008)
18. The Whigs – Production City (Mission Control – 2008)
17.  The Hold Steady – Both Crosses (Stay Positive – 2008)
16.  Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines (Okkervil River – 2008)
15. Hercules and Love Affair – Athene (Hercules and Love Affair – 2008)
14. Elbow – Starlings (The Seldom Seen Kid – 2008)
13.  Portishead – We Carry On (Third – 2008)
12.  The Black Keys – I Got Mine (Attack and Release -2008)
11. Santo Gold – Guns of Brooklyn (Top Ranking – 2008)
10. The Raconteurs – The Switch and the Saddle (Consolers Of The Lonely – 2008)
9. Ratatat – Mirando (LP3 – 2008)
8. Beck – Gamma Ray (Modern Guilt – 2008)
7. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – Fix It (Cardinology -2008)
6. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Hopskotch Willie (Real Emotional Trash – 2008)
5.  Wolf Parade – Language City (At Mount Zoomer – 2008)
4. Frightened Rabbit – Good Arms vs. Bad Arms (The Midnight Organ Fight – 2008)
3. Dosh – If You Want To, You Have To (Wolves and Wishes – 2008)
2. Fleet Foxes –  Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes – 2008)
1. Bon Iver – For Emma (Bon Iver – 2008)

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Episode 6 – Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me

Episode 6 - Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me

Episode 6 – Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me (Artwork – D. Hixon)

1. Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz (Pearl – 1970)
2. Thom Yorke New York Times Interview
3. Radiohead – Down Is The New Up (In Rainbows – 2007)
4. Soldier – Us Placers (Can’t Tell Nothing – 2007)
5. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (Baltimore – Real Emotional Trash – 2008)
6. The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait (Pleased To Meet Me – 1988)
7. Mission of Bruma – Academy Fight Song (Academy Fight Song – 1981)
8. Ben Gibbard – Thriller (Live – 2002)
9. The Raconteurs w/Pete Townsend – Seeker (Attic Jam – 2007)
10. Nada Surf – There Is A Light (KEXP Acoustic Session – 2006)
11. The Rolling Stones – Factory Girl (Beggars Banquet – 1968)
12. Whiskeytown – Factory Girl (Faithless Street – 1995)
13. Blur – Good Song (Think Tank – 2003)

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