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Episode 85 – Top 22 Albums of 2015

Episode 85 – Top 21 Albums of 2015 (Artwork - D.Hixon)

My top 22 Album’s of 2015 Album Art mixed as one. (Artwork – D.Hixon)

2015 will go down as the most challenging & rewarding year of my life. Intense is the adjective I’d use to describe a year in which*almost* too much happened. It started with the birth of my Son Dylan – the best thing that’ll ever happen to me. Becoming a Parent is easy, becoming one worth his salt takes some earnest work & humbles you at every early turn.

I lent my Vision Vibes to some great people at WEMF Radio – a perfectly eclectic Family, shout out to Nash, Crespo, Ryan SpaldingFar From Normal, and Andrew Lowery. I also navigated the waters of changing a long time job and career while buying my first Home. It felt like a lot.

All said, future eyes will gleam on 2015 with a favored smile – I’m a lucky man, and through it all, I had some killer music to push me over both the highs & lows. These 22 albums are what stood most out to me in this intensely fantastic year of 2015. Huzzah.

22Steeper – Glitch Root
“Okay: Dark”
Buy via BandCamp

21CFCF – Radiance & Submission
“Blanketed in Snow a Place Returned”
Buy via Bleep

20Man Called War – Naked Animals
Buy via BandCamp

19Wilco – Star Wars
Buy via Kung Fu

18Make Light – Demo
Buy via BandCamp


Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter
“Last Year”
Buy via Slumberland Records

16 Michael O. – Really?
“World Without Meaning”
Buy via Fruits and Flowers

15 Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$
“Save The Children”
Buy via Pro Era

14Toro Y Moi – What For?
“The Flight”
Buy via Carpark

13The Mantles – All Odds End
“Police My Love”
Buy via Slumberland Records

12The Longwalls – Gold Standard
Buy via Static Motor Records

11Howlo – Howlo
Buy via City of Quality Records


Expert Alterations – Three Signs
“Three Signs”
Buy via BandCamp


Muler – Unlikely Soldiers
Buy via City of Quality Records


Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
“How Much a Dollar Cost”
Buy via Amazon


Mac DeMarco – Another One
“Just To Put Me Down?”
Buy via Captured Tracks


Fort Romeau – Insides
“New Wave”
Buy via Ghostly


Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
Buy via Domino USA


Big Nice – EP1
“Ta Dum”
Buy via BandCamp


Woolen Men – Temporary Monument
“Temporary Monument”
Buy via BandCamp


Kurt Vile – b’lieve i’m goin down…
“Lost My Head There”
Buy via Matador Records


Floating Points – Elaeina
“Silhouettes (I,II,III)”
Buy via LukaBop

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Video Premiere: The Longwalls – Zombies! – Live at The Bridge Sound and Stage


Fresh from taking part in the always fantastic Outlaw Roadshow in NYC – The Longwall’s have released the first of a ten-song live video from their  record release show back in March (due out in early December w/audio). Fittingly for this Halloween weekend the song they’ve chosen is “Zombies!” – one of my favorite tracks from their 2008 debut Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist.

Filmed back in March at The Bridge Sound and Stage for the release of their absolutely stellar Gold Standard an album which will be featured on Visions upcoming “Best Of The Year” podcast. I was lucky enough to be present for this show. Beer was packed at the front of the stage from the still too high snow banks outside – and the mood inside was positively captivated – something this video, and the upcoming video series encapsulate wonderfully.

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Episode 80 – Sundazed

Episode 80 - Sundazed

Episode 80 – Sundazed

Sometimes somedays come today – and when today is someday you’re left feeling Sundazed. Visions of the Unexcused’s run on Sundays has come to an end on WEMF Radio – and while there’ll be no show broadcasting today via WEMF – the show’s available via Episode 80, quite an accomplishment unto itself.

I’m hoping that Visions will find a new future slot on WEMF – but either way, it’s been a killer ride and I’ve made acquaintance with a lot of great individuals – but now it’s time to focus on what someday will bring tomorrow as we drift in the summer heat, looking towards the horizon, feeling Sundazed.

Per always, much love to all the Unexcused for the love, support, and listening. Let’s seize the time now, let’s seize the time.

-Mint Pillow, 7/19/15 10:53am

1. Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her (Another One – 2015)
2. Surfer Blood – Neighbour Riffs (Astrocoast – 2010)
3. Future Islands – Tin Man (In Evening Air – 2010)
4. Cut Copy – Saturdays [Reprise] (Bright Like Neon Love – 2004)
5. Porcelain Raft – Is It Too Deep For You? (Strange Weekend – 2012)
6. Sex Dream – Gods (Gods / Tundra 7″ – 2013)
7. The Soft Pack – Mexico (The Soft Pack – 2010)
8. Daniel Johnston – Ghost Of Our Love (Continued Story – Hi, How Are You – 1983)
9. The Longwalls – The Gold Standard (The Gold Standard – 2015)
10. Wilco – Cold Slope (Star Wars – 2015)
11. Outkast – Spottieottiedopaliscious (Big Boi & Dre Present… Outkast – 1998)
12. Gorillaz – Slow Country (Gorillaz – 2001)
13. Blondes – Paradise City (Touched – 2010)
14. Portishead – Silence (Third – 2008)
15. Four Tet – Hands (Rounds – 2003)
16. James Blake – The Bells Sketch (The Bells Sketch – 2010)
17. Deerhoof – Zero Seconds Pause (Breakup Song – 2012)
18. Make Light – Rodeo (Demo – 2015)
19. Pocahaunted – Make It Real (Make It Real – 2010)
20. Broadcast – Still Feels Like Tears (The Future Crayon – 2003)
21. Annie Philippe – Pas de taxi (Tendres Annees 60 – 1960)
22. King Curtis – Central Park (Everybody’s Talkin’ – 1972)
23. Jimmy Cliff – Let’s Seize The Time (Many Rivers To Cross – 1978)

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Episode 69 – Grooving Out On Life

Episode 69 – Grooving Out On Life

Episode 69 – Grooving Out On Life

Recorded live from the top of Mt. Cambridge in the DJ Cave at WEMF Radio, Mint Pillow plays psychedelic skewed jamz from across the globe – as he waits with high anticipation the impending birth of his son – while day light savings and the changing weather make him thankful for good friends, family, and music. All the hits are listed below.

1. Los Galax – Lamento De Un Galax (Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 [Experimental Guitar-Driven Tropical Sounds From Perú 1966/1976] – 2010)
2. The Mahotella Queens – Wozani Mahipi [Hippies Come To Soweto] (Soweto Never Sleeeps: Classic Female Zulu Jive – 1986)
3. Blo – Don’t Take Her Away From Me (Phase II – 1974)
4. Ofege – It’s Not Easy (Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974 – 2009)
5. Joe Moks – Boys And Girls (Brand New Wayo – Funk, Fast Times & Nigerian Boogie Badness 1979-1983 – 2011)
6. The Congos – Grandma Say (Feast – 2006)
7. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Grown So Ugly (Safe As Milk – 1967)
8. Caribou Vibration Ensemble Featuring Marshall Allen – Hendrix With Ko (Live At All Tomorrow’s Parties New York – 2009)
9. White Fence – Who Feels Right? (White Fence – 2010)
10. N.F. Porter – Keep On Keeping On (This Is Northern Soul Volume Two – 1971)
11. Free Pizza – Ducks (Boston, MA – 2014)
12. Nodzzz – Good Times Crowd (True To Life – 2009)
13. Sonic Chicken 4 – Right Side Of (Sonic Chicken 4 – 2007)
14. Psychic Wheels – Rock N Roll Love (Peripheral Drift – 2013)
15. Skull Snaps – I Turn My Back On Love (Skull Snaps – 1973)
16. Central Nervous System – Why (I Could Have Danced All Night – 1968)
17. Dr. John – Did She Mention My Name (Zu Zu Man – 1973)
18. The Longwalls – Rukia (Gold Standard – 2015)
19. Cool Ghouls – Get A Feelin’ (A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye – 2014)
20. Keith McEachern – The Planner (Double Down – 2014)
21. Jimmy Smith – Root Down [Part1] (Root Down – 1972)
22. QUIET VILLAGE – Circus Of Horror (Silent Movie – 2008)
23. The White Stripes – Hand Springs (Hand Springs – 2000)
24. Robbie Hill’s Family Affair – Gotta Get Back (Gotta Get Back : The Unreleased L.A. Sessions – 1965)
25. Piel De Pueblo – El Rockito De La Bufonada (Rock De Las Heridas – 1972)
26. Mebusas – Grooving Out On Life (Mebusas Vol 1 – Blood Brothers – 1973)
27. I-Roy – Call On I (Hell And Sorrow – 1973)
28. The Mothers Of Invention – The Orange County Lumber Truck (Weasels Ripped My Flesh – 1970)
29. Mystical Weapons – Colony Collapse Disorder (Mystical Weapons – 2013)
30. Comets on Fire – Pussy Footin’ the Duke (Blue Cathedral – 2004)
31. Traffic – Coloured Rain (Mr. Fantasy – 1967)
32. The Men – Oscillation (Open Your Heart – 2012)
33. The Fall – Carry Bag Man (The Frenz Experiment – 1988)
34. Sonic Youth – Anagrama (Anagrama – 1997)

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Recommended Album: The Longwalls – Gold Standard

The Longwalls

The Longwalls

A dark room lit by a flickering TV. An ashtray smoldering with the remnants of a lipstick stained cigarette. Stubble breath with whiskey at the forefront. All these images would fit spectacularly into the worlds The Longwalls create – and lucky for us, we now have a bunch of new worlds to explore.

After a series of killer EP’s The Longwalls have released a near perfect tome of Americana-infused fuzz pop in their new LP, Gold Standard. Over a year in the making, Gold Standard features 11 standout tracks, with the first driving single “Home” kicking the door open wide and allowing burners such as “Simple Thoughts” and “Too Many Prayers” to tear your heart out.

Recommended If You Like: Uncle Tupelo, Drive-By Truckers, American Thread

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