Taught Me Everything I Know – Recommended Album: Chauncey – To Love Once More

The world's a much better place when Chauncey's together.

The world’s a much better place when Chauncey’s together.

If it wasn’t for Chauncey I wouldn’t have met my Wife. I moved to Boston in 2001 as an optimistic and bright eyed college grad. I had a potential job lined up at a revered record label (Ace of Hearts Records) and the world was going to be my delicious oyster. Two days after moving onto a couch in Allston two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and flipped everything on its head.

Chauney's last show @ Lizard Lounge. (Photo - D.Hixon)

Chauney’s last show @ Lizard Lounge. (Photo – D.Hixon)

My job fell through, the economy tanked, and my bright future turned into a grim and formless grey. The $400 I brought with me dwindled quickly and my spot on the couch got more and more lonely. In order to survive I swallowed my pride and got a job at RadioShack and spent my nights drinking $1 drafts and eating ten cent chicken wings. Things weren’t going as I had planned, until one random night, one chance meeting.

It was night time – so I was of course at the bar drinking $1 drafts, when a girl came up and started chatting with me, I think her name was Melany. Conversation, like it always does with me, eventually shifted towards music and she said she just started a record label with her friend Jacob called Change Records. I immediately started angling for a way to become part of it and let her know I was a video guy who had web skills – but was literally willing to do anything to get out of RadioShack.

Jake and Eliot. (Photo - D.Hixon)

Jake and Eliot. (Photo – D.Hixon)

I’m not sure what became of Melany, but she got me in touch with Jacob and he interviewed me at Anna’s Taqueria (my first time ever eating there actually) – and I got the job. I wasn’t able to quit RadioShack quite yet, as I maybe got paid $100 a month for doing webmaster duties for Change – but I got something much more valuable than money, I got my pride back, and that couch back in Allston wasn’t lonely anymore – it was an opportunity. He mentioned two bands that were on his label, but the one he was most rapturous about was a band called Chauncey, and I was soon to find out why.

JP & Shawn sharing a moment. (Photo - D.Hixon)

JP & Shawn sharing a moment. (Photo – D.Hixon)

I learned how to get around Boston by going to different shows around the city where I’d work merch tables, help load/unload gear, sometimes do lights, and do any other odd jobs that were needed. The guys in the band, each one of them, were absolutely phenomenal to me. I was a shy kid in his early 20’s whose ego got pretty bruised my first few months in Boston, but they treated me like I was part of their Team, and I’ll forever be grateful for that. Their compassion, humor, and commitment taught me a lot on how to focus on things I loved and helped shape who I am today. I’m certain that if it wasn’t for Chauncey or Change Records I would have move back to Upstate NY – and man….I would have missed out on so much.

During the years I worked with Chauncey I was absolutely convinced they were going to “make it”. Their live shows were high energy & exciting, their recorded material was absolutely stellar, and their work ethic was off the charts. Long story short – things didn’t work out in the “make it” sense – but they were as close to breaking through to the general public as a band can get. Boston Magazine heralded their debut the best Rock Album of the year, they were courted by numerous majors, got a lot of serious press, and recorded their sophomore album at legendary Electric Audio with Steve Albini.

After taking an extended hiatus (I refuse to say they ever broke up) – they have released a new EP, To Love Once More – and it’s as good as anything they’ve ever recorded together. There’s a synergy of cohesion with everything those five guys record together, and it genuinely warms my heart to know they’re making music together again.

Chauncey will be playing at The Lizard Lounge this Saturday (01/31/15) with Count Zero and other special guests – and it’s sure to be an excellent homecoming. If you’re looking for me I’ll be the tall dude standing towards the back with dusty eyes – time moves on and plans don’t always fall into place – but what you want isn’t always what you need – and from my biased perspective, the World needs Chauncey.

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