Technology Breaches The Wall: A Review of Roger Waters at Fenway Park

[camera slideshow=”my-first-slideshow”]Roger Waters
Fenway Park, Boston, 07/01/12

The grandeur of The Wall can’t be understated. With visual trickery and precise sound you’re dealt phobia which scales vertigo heights. Everything is well placed and loud, with an entertainment value of high, and performance professional.

I knew the night would be interesting when gray haired men started falling out of limos. They wore tie dyed shirts with red eyes, and stumbled in-between hi-fives while cursing their drivers. The crowd was for sure ready, but the sheer size of Roger Water’s production dwarfed anything with reproach, including a monster of green.

Forgotten nostalgia stirred the crowd while an updated message provided sound. Waters could still sing, and his band play, which helped the performance approach incredible. It took technology 30 years to catch up with Waters, who steadfastly stays ahead of the curve.

What left me sour was the official vendor’s outside Fenway Park. For a show that harps on distrust of government and corporations, $45 for a goddamned T-Shirt is too ironic for my humor.

That said, the price gauging could be ignored, because as any Floyd fan knows:

The Show must go on.


D. Hixon

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