The Fenix Rizes – Review of Tenacious D at House of Blues Boston

Tenacious D

Kyle and Jack rize on at the House of Blues.

Tenacious D
House of Blues Boston, Kenmore Square, 03/02/13

Music fans are generally a benevolent group of individuals coasting on a path of least resistance, as long as you’re not talking about music of course. The most serene Music Nerd could care less about politics, but if you challenge them musically – WATCH OUT, they’ll bite your goddamn head off. They’re also very protective of the music itself, and if you’re a band that’s making a joke of what they love most, you’ll be sniffed out and cast into the great cut-out bin in the sky.

Tenacious D have been able to walk the thin line of jest for years, being equal parts talent and goof. Jack Black has become an internationally known celebrity but hasn’t outgrown Kyle Glass and “The D”. I approached the show with the mindset that I’d be seeing Rock ‘n’ Roll Stand-Up, and that’s what was delivered. I thought it was a little weird that I wasn’t seeing a “real band” but walking home I realized why the House of Blues was Sold-Out. Why the contrasted crowd was singing along with every song…

…because music is fun, and at its best it’s a means to bring people together. Tenacious D did just that Saturday Night, allowing a bunch of strangers to get together and share a laugh under the guise of music. I will say that the House of Blues is getting less and less fun to go to, and while “The D” had a Sold-Out crowd that was fired for fun the show was OVER by 9:30pm so they could clear the floor for the faux club scene Landsdowne now offers. I understand they’re trying to maximize the space, but that’s a piss poor way to treat people paying good money for a Saturday Night of entertainment. Since the new Management has taken over the House of Blues they’ve been steadily looking like the corporation they always were, and that’s too bad, they had a decent thing going for awhile.

D. Hixon

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