Tonight’s Word: Honor Roll – Paying Respect to The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is a first ballot Honor Roll Inductee.

The Colbert Report is a first ballot Honor Roll Inductee.

The Colbert Report has been putting me to bed for a decade, and after Thursday it’s void will be markedly larger than I’d like to admit. At 35 years old nine years is a quarter of my life, and while Colbert will be moving on to deservedly greener pastures, I can’t help but let the nostalgic part of me long for days of future past.

In 2007 when my future Wife and I were galavanting about Ecuador we became friends with an Australian couple, Peter and Penny. They were basically a Southern Hemisphere mirror of ourselves – which was both refreshing and rejuvenating when deep in an internet-less Amazon basin, especially during the years George Bush was making it easier for Americans traveling abroad to say they were from Canada.

We were aligned on everything – except that is, this brand new show I raved over called The Colbert Report, which these different but same Aussies just couldn’t connect on – and from that moment in Ecuador, I realized how distinctive and American The Colbert Report was. In subsequent years the rest of the World would better understand the character Colbert was playing, but for those of a left leaning mind-set in the middle of the Amazon basin in 2007 we were distinctively in on the “joke”  – and with The Colbert Report leaving, I’m predictably melancholy, nostalgic, and sad. Colbert will do a phenomenal job replacing Letterman, but there’ll never be another show quite like The Colbert Report. Huzzah.

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