Watching the Détectives – Review of Détective at Middle East


Détective claim their space on the Middle East stage. (.GIF – D.Hixon)

Middle East, Central Square, 03/26/13

Last night Détective brought their sophisticated brand of Garage Pop to the Middle East and literally lapped their “peers”. I mean no disrespect here, as I usually shy away from the negative, but the big disappointment on the evening were the bands that bookended Détective’s set (excluding Cars & Trains). This said, it worked to Détective’s advantage, as it made their song craftsmanship and cohesion stand-out further than it naturally does.

Based out of LA, Détective represent a trio of accomplished musicians who play the music they want to hear. James Greer’s (Guided By Voices, Roi) excellent guitar work helped lead the charge while Guylaine Vivarat’s (Useless Keys) angelic voice and bass added an excellent balance to his motivated thrash. The two traded vocal duties throughout the night with sound cohesion as Chris Dunn (the city) provided a passionate and succinct back-beat.

Détective are currently working on a Double LP, Hilarious Heaven, with Dead Meadow’s Steve Kille and are currently touring the US. Below’s a preview track from Hilarious Heaven (“Creative Class Dismissed”) – and if you’re in Reading, Pittsburg, or Dayton over the next few days do your self a favor and watch the Détective’s yourself.

D. Hixon

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