What’s Your Cure For Pain? – Review of Chelsea Light Moving at The Sinclair

Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore owning the night with Chelsea Light Moving. (GIF – D.Hixon)

Chelsea Light Moving
The Sinclair*, Harvard Square, 04/07/13

Thurston Moore holds a coveted spot on my Mount Rushmore of guitar players, and Sunday night at The Sinclair he did nothing to discredit these feelings. I’ve loved his last couple solo albums (Trees Outside The Academy, Demolished Thoughts), but they’re decidedly solitary records, best listened to on solo car rides through the mountains. Chelsea Light Moving and their music is not meant for the melancholy or reflective – and with the aid of his new bandmates, Thurston’s back with a powerful swagger that’s impossible to deny.

This was the last show of Chelsea Light Moving’s inaugural tour and Moore seemed a little punch drunk on-stage – joking at the crowd with a know-it-all sneer in a dry manner he’s perfected over the years. This attitude translated magnificently into their set, as they played with an abandon that their music was made for. The show was loud, in your face, and bared a lot of teeth. The album’s a total rocker, and if anything it’s enhanced while on stage, especially while holding a chip on their shoulder.

I have no clue what the future holds for Sonic Youth, and understand their “hiatus” is more complicated than most bands, but at the moment I don’t care, because Chelsea Light Moving are making music that’s as raw and exciting as anything Moore’s been involved with in years, it’s not suited for solitary trips in the woods, but for dirty urban streets as you and some new & old friend alike look for trouble & escape.

*I also want to note this was my first trip to The Sinclair and it may quickly become my favorite venue in the Cambridge/Boston area. The ambiance, staff, and food are all really top notch. Really excited to have it be just down the street from me.

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