You’ve Got A Best Friend Now: Kurt Vile – Ocean City

Yaz trying to beat the Summer heat in 2010.

Yaz trying to beat the Summer heat in 2010. (Photo – D.Hixon)

I’m still bumming pretty hard about losing my bud Yaz – I holed myself in my apartment yesterday and the night before, and per always, music was there to help me cope when feeling low. I instinctively was drawn to my Kurt Vile records, who’s been a favorite of mine for years, and has always struck a personal chord with me. “Ocean City” off of 2010’s Square Shell’s EP hit me the most directly, likely because I was literally interpreting the chorus, and as the night progressed I kept picking up the needle and restarting the song while sitting in the dark with drink in hand, and memories swirling in my head.

You’ve got a best friend, don’t know how
You’ve got a best friend now

D. Hixon

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