A Utopia In The Sun: Terror Of The Deep

Terror Of The Deep

If this world is just – Terror Of The Deep shall rise to the top.

New Zealand has a penchant for producing bands that are unique, well-formed, and aurally pleasing. The remoteness of the island nation yields fertile ground for a particularity creative brand of rock. While Terror Of The Deep has a touch of the “Flying Nun Sound” in their music, pinning them exclusively to that label would be unfair.

Death Of The Gideon is Terror Of The Deep’s first release on vinyl and it’s a record that’s going to be damn hard to kick off my platter. On just five tracks there’s a dramatic amount of cohesive range, with “Model Train Village” being the stand-out, as it accomplishes in one song what most can’t do on an entire album. Atmospheric, moody, psychedelic, and driving. Terror Of The Deep has all these attributes and more, making you want to dive in deeper and get lost in their beautiful brand of terror.

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