In This Town I Call My Home – Review of Dropkick Murphys at the Boston Garden

Dropkick Murphys

The Dropkick Murphys are joined on stage with some traditional Irish dance.

Dropkick Murphys
Boston Garden, 03/15/13

Last night night was a banner moment for The Dropkick Murphys as they reached the apex of their careers. In the Greater Boston area headlining at The Garden is the pinnacle for any band that allows itself to dream. I was lucky enough to have VIP access through The Claddagh Fund, an excellent charity that’s raised over $2 million dollars since its inception in 2009. This access allowed me to see the Dropkicks soundcheck, meet and greet with the band, and also get my drink on at Ken Casey’s fantastic pub McGreevy’s on Boylston Street before the show.

Boston Celtics Banners

The Boston Celtics Banners weight and history ring true w/the Dropkicks.

The most poignent moment for me during all of this reverie was right before the meet and greet kicked off. We had just seen their soundcheck, where at one point a fan was brought on-stage to sing “Barroom Heroes“, and the mood was reflective and jovial. Before the Dropkicks had to go through the motions of glad-handing with the fans they gathered their tribe together with a custom made Dropkick Murphys banner commemorating the show, taking some personal pictures for posterity. They set-up right next to where the professional photographer was to snap the meet and greet and were having their pictures taken with their smart phones by friends. After a few snaps the photographer chimed in asking if they’d like him to take a few, which gathered some laughs from the band and fans alike.

Casey alluded to it a few times during the soundcheck, and warned against getting too sappy, but them playing The Garden truly was a seminal moment, and this moment was captured best by them with a cell phone a few hours before they blew the roof off of this hallowed ground to a thirsty crowd that knew every lyric.

There’s an unmistakeable disdain for the success The Dropkick Murphys have had over the past decade in the Boston Music scene, but like their music or not, you have to appreciate what they’ve accomplished and how they do it. And with charities like The Claddagh Fund, they’re giving back to the community that’s help them become who they are. So last night as they kicked off Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend in Boston I did what I’ve always done while in The Garden. I stood on my feet and cheered my ass off for the Hometown Team, and last night, they won.

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