Recommended Album: Owen Maercks – Teenage Sex Therapist

Owen Maercks - Teenage Sex Therapist

Owen Maercks gets his just due with “Teenage Sex Therapist” 36 years after its release.

36 years ago Owen Maercks debut album was tragically his last. It was a privately pressed record that was exclusively distributed to record labels and radio stations with the hopes of getting Maercks signed. Despite the juicy bait Teenage Sex Therapist provided the listening “experts” – the line never tugged with a bite, and the record became something record nerds chased and little else, drifting anonymously to the bottom of the musical lake. Thankfully, Massachusetts based Feeding Tube Records has recently help make this killer record available to the masses in a limited pressing of 500 (which appears to already be sold out) as well as digitally.

Listening to Teenage Sex Therapist today it’s hard to understand what people were(n’t) hearing in 1978, because it’s a dense, strange, and fantastic record – who’s strengths are likely the exact reason it wasn’t picked up – which is a shame, because if given the opportunity, Maercks could have explored and expanded what we now call “post-rock” into places that likely still haven’t been traipsed upon, secret fishing spots never to be found – where the big one awaits….but all we’re left with today are big fish stories, and this fantastic record, which is honestly enough.

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