Recommended Album: Speedy Ortiz – Sports EP

Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz will make your dentist happy (also your ears).

Hailing from Northhampton, MA  Speedy Ortiz play a 90’s brand of Indie Rock that’s hard & soft in approach. The vocal work of Sadie Dupuis is in the forefront of the mix, and rightfully so, as her sugary voice has just a hint of cavity lurking in the background, which allows the swirling music behind her to weave within this dichotomy. The dual guitar work is also is a star of the record, with Dupuis and Matt Robidoux feeding off each other in syncopated and often frenzied ways.

You can purchase the Sports EP via their Bandcamp page for $10, but hurry, it’s in a limited run of 500 pressings. If you’re in Upstate NY tonight Speedy Ortiz play The Stood at Suny Purchase as part of a Northeast/Midwest Tour.

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